Locklet themed NFTs on GhostMarket

4 min readNov 13, 2021


The Locklet community has been enjoying the use of our exclusive Wizard Telegram Stickers in our channel and we are excited to announce that we now have two kinds of Locklet NFTs available on GhostMarket.

A talented artist from our community @1Bigbagherra created the Locklet stickers and he has now created a series of NFTs entitled ‘CryptoFallen’ as well as Locklet sticker NFT’s.

Cryptofallen is minted on the Binance Smart Chain and the stickers on Neo N3, available exclusively on GhostMarket: https://ghostmarket.io/

Sticker NFTs

All of the telegram stickers are available as 1/1 NFTs. Each has a custom created telegram mimic background. When more stickers are created, 1BigBagheera will produce more NFTs!

Of the 15 Stickers available only 13 NFTs are still on sale. So you better hurry if you want to be the lucky holder of one of them.

CryptoFallen Series

The CryptoFallen series changes every 25 mints. Each set changes into a new series with unique animation, theme and 25 new CryptoFallen illustrations.

The ‘Locklet’ branded ones, feature the Locklet colours you know and love. With the Reserve Auction price starting at only .025 BNB they are a bargain.

1BigBagheera has plans in the near future to include raffles and giveaways to the CryptoFallen holders. Additionally, one CryptoFallen will be selected at random and its owner will be airdropped the currency that the NFT was minted on.

He is also the creator of the SwitcheoVerse NFT comic pages series. Page 15 was an exclusive that celebrated Locklet’s listing on Demex. Take a look here.

We are sure our loyal Locklet community will show their support and both collections are likely to sell out quickly.

To see the entire ‘Locklet’ NFTs series on GhostMakret, click this link.

If you are lucky enough to collect some art, show it off as your profile picture!

Hit us up on our socials to show us you did!

If you would like to follow 1Bigbagheera his social links are:

Twitter — 1Bigbagheera

Instagram — 1Bigbagheera

We are delighted with the work 1BigBagheera has done and we are sure you will be too.

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GhostMarket features fully trustless NFT trading facilitated by smart contracts on each integrated blockchain. One of its most powerful and innovative features is it’s self minting platform. Minting NFTs on GhostMarket allows artists and developers to create NFTs where they control the royalty percentage, attributes, locked content and more. One of the main attractions of GhostMarket is the vast array of amazing artists, musicians and game developers creating digital masterpieces on the marketplace.


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