How to participate in Locklet’s Public Sale?

Locklet’s Public Sale Announcement

fter several weeks of waiting, everything is now ready for the launch of our Public Sale (ILO). This event will take place on the famous launchpad Unicrypt on the Ethereum network. As we know that many Binance Smart Chain users want to participate, we provide them with several options so that they can join in easily.

📅 Firstly, save the date! Our Public Sale (ILO) will open on Monday, July 12, 2021 at 6:00 PM UTC. 👉Locklet’s Unicrypt ILO.

How is it going to play out?

On July 12, 2021 at 6:00 PM UTC our Public Sale (ILO) will start on the Unicrypt platform (Ethereum network). It will be possible to participate only with USDC (maximum contribution of 3500 USDC per participant).

Our Public Sale will possibly take place in two steps:

  • Round 1 which will last two hours (OR LESS if the hardcap is reached before) and during which only holders of 50 UNCL OR 3 UNCX can participate.
  • Round 2 which will start after the first round (ONLY if the hardcap is NOT reached) and during which everyone without restriction can participate. It will last until July 14, 2021 at 6:00 PM UTC (OR LESS if the hardcap is reached before).

We draw your attention on the fact that the second round is RARELY activated on Unicrypt’s ILOs because they are generally filled in a few minutes.

Once the hardcap is reached or the Public Sale deadline has passed, the LKT token will automatically be listed on Uniswap (Ethereum) with an LKT/USDC liquidity pool. A few minutes later, it will also be listed on PancakeSwap (Binance Smart Chain) with an LKT/BNB liquidity pool. Another LKT/ETH liquidity pool will appear at the same time on Uniswap.

Binance Smart Chain users, will be able to bridge 🌉 their LKTs purchased during the Public Sale to the Binance Smart Chain network without delay after the end of the Public Sale.

At this stage, Locklet (LKT) is now publicly tradable by all Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain communities. In the weeks following the Public Sale the LKT will be listed on other exchanges, specific announcements will be made at this time.

How to participate?

The participation process is quite simple:

If you are a Binance Smart Chain user, we invite you to read this tutorial to transfer your USDC to the Ethereum network before proceeding with the next steps.

  1. If you want to participate in Round 1, ensure you have at least 50 UNCL OR 3 UNCX on the Ethereum network.
  2. Go to our Public Sale (ILO) page: Locklet’s Unicrypt ILO.
  3. Connect your wallet (Metamask is highly recommended, there are know issues with Trust Wallet).
  4. Enter the amount of USDC you wish to spend and confirm.
  5. Wait for ILO to complete successfully then withdraw your token from the same page.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to read Unicrypt’s “FAQ — Participate to an ILO”. You can also ask your questions on our Telegram group.

You are now one of the first LKT hodlers 🎉! Welcome aboard and we hope you will live this incredible journey with us for as long as possible 🚀.

About Locklet

Locklet is the world’s first decentralized vesting platform 🧙‍♂️🎉. It allows any crypto-currency holder to create more or less complex vesting clauses according to their need and have them executed over the desired duration and this in a completely decentralized way. Thanks to our platform, serious projects can now cryptographically differentiate themselves from scammy ones.

For more information on Locklet:

World’s first decentralized vesting platform 🎉🧙‍♂️ ! Protects every Crypto or DeFi community from rug pulls, predatory ventures, perfidious advisors and more…