What is the utility of the LKT token?

- Create or revoke vesting and pay the associated fees in $LKT.
- Stake your $LKT to earn part of the platform’s collected fees (more LKT without supply inflation).
- Hold a natively deflationary asset.
- Actively contribute to Locket’s future through governance. For example, vote to decide platform next features such as new chain implementations.

Where to buy LKT?

LKT is available for purchase on multiple platforms.

What blockchains is the LKT token available on?

For now LKT token is available on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

How much liquidity has been locked?

In order to guarantee continuous liquidity on our various pairs, we have locked all of our LP tokens:
Uniswap (USDC/LKT) : 90,000 USDC / 11,400,000 LKT
PancakeSwap (BNB/LKT) : 55 BNB / 2,250,000 LKT

How many tokens have been locked?

You can view all of our locked tokens on our Unicrypt token page:
Unicrypt LKT page: https://app.unicrypt.network.
Currently, 32,000,000 LKT are locked, which is approximately 21% of the total supply.

How many tokens have been burned?

For simplicity and transparency, we have made the choice that all token burning operations are carried out on the Ethereum chain. You can therefore consult the number of burnt tokens on Etherscan at any time.

Who is the project team?

Our team is made up of four cryptocurrency enthusiasts and a marketing agency working for us full-time. You can learn more about the different members from our website.

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