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World-first decentralized vesting platform 🎉🧙‍♂️ ! Protects every Crypto or DeFi community from rug pulls, predatory ventures, perfidious advisors and more…
Thanks to our whole new community!

Before we begin, we would like to thank our entire new community for their incredible commitment and participation in the pre-launch of our project.

As you may know, we have successfully completed our Public Sale (ILO) on July 14th with over 150 Ethereum raised and around 250 participants. We are very happy and proud to have succeeded in federating so much commitment during such an unstable market period, this confirms to us once again that our project meets an enormous need.

We do not forget that this marketing success would not have been possible without our two partner agencies

Although we tend to measure the value of cryptocurrency in dollars, The dollar does not influence the value of crypto.

Cryptocurrency and its price depend on many factors, such as user demand, projects that use the coin, market demand. The cost of cryptocurrency completely depends on how much demand there is from both users and IT products.

Cryptocurrencies were originally conceived by their creators as a complete alternative to traditional money. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are arranged in such a way that their value is not affected by the exchange rates of traditional currencies. They are not subject to inflation…

Locklet’s Public Sale Announcement

After several weeks of waiting, everything is now ready for the launch of our Public Sale (ILO). This event will take place on the famous launchpad Unicrypt on the Ethereum network. As we know that many Binance Smart Chain users want to participate, we provide them with several options so that they can join in easily.

📅 Firstly, save the date! Our Public Sale (ILO) will open on Monday, July 12, 2021 at 6:00 PM UTC. 👉Locklet’s Unicrypt ILO.

Our Public Sale is fast approaching and many Binance Smart Chain users are asking us how to participate. First, if you haven’t already, we strongly invite you to read our guide ?”.

Now that you know how it will play out and how to successfully participate, we can move on the next step: How to transfer your USDC from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum network 🤔 ? There are two options for this.

Option #1 — Transfer your USDC using the Binance bridge

With this option, you use the official to transfer your USDC to the Ethereum network. …

Locklet’s Private Sale Announcement

It’s time ! In a few hours will kick-off the first stage of its launch, namely the opening of its Private Sale. This event received very little media coverage and is intended for a very limited number of people due to the small number of tokens (LKT) that will be available.

📅 Save the date! The Private Sale will open on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 6:00 PM UTC.

This Private Sale is designed to offer a very special price to all of our early investors. You can view the different prices associated with the different launch stages on .


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